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Video: Chrysler Introduces The All-Electric Dodge EV, A Plug-In Viper Doppelgänger

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[Photo Source: Jalopnik]

Despite a wash of rumors that Dodge will be bidding adieu to the Viper performance line, Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli appeared on CNBC this morning to introduce the Dodge EV, an all-electric Viper look-alike. Part of Chrysler’s ENVI electric program, the Dodge EV utilizes a powertrain identical to that of the all-electric performance car, the Tesla Roadster, operating entirely on plug-in power. Achieving a reported range of 150-200 miles off a single, 4-hour 110/120 charge [standard current found in the average a home], the Dodge EV ditches Chrysler’s famed HEMI in favor of a lithium ion battery pack, while still managing to accelerate from 0-60 in under 5 seconds [or so they claim, we’ll reserve final judgement until the real world test].

Video after the jump

Later today, the Dodge EV along with the 3 other ENVI vehicles Chrysler introduced will head to Washington DC where they’ll strut their stuff before Congress in an attempt to prove to the suits that Detroit is worth saving. Although no other specifics have been released, Chryslerr did confirm that at least one of the 4 ENVI vechiles will begin production in 2010.

Click here to watch Nardelli’s unveiling on CNBC

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