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Video: Car Jacking – You’re Doing It Wrong

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In Payson, Utah an unidentified man attempted to steal a vehicle with a small child inside from the parking lot of Walker’s convenience store. According to reports, the mother of the child, also the owner of the vehicle, had pulled into Walker’s parking lot to confer briefly with her parents who were travelling with her in a separate vehicle. Not intending to be separated from her vehicle for a more than a few minutes at most, the woman had left her child in the car and walked to her parents parked a few spaces away. Apparently, the woman became away of the would-be car thief when she noticed him attempting to back her car out of the lot. Immediately on alert, both the woman and her father ran to the car, shouting for the man to stop. The commotion managed to catch the attention of nearby customers, who quickly attempted to render assistant. Obviously reluctant to incur the wrath of a mother separated from her child, the man behind the wheel quickly exited the vehicle and fled on foot. He was later apprehended by police and booked at the Utah County Jail.

Source: LiveLeak.com

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