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VIDEO: “Beyond The Badge” Plays Cops ‘n’ Robbers At The Track

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Tentatively scheduled to air this coming fall on The Discovery Channel, Beyond The Badge is a new series that delves into the lesser-known, pretty damn cool aspects of law enforcement. The pilot episode, Beyond The Badge: Full Throttle, follows a group of both active-duty and retired Michigan State Troopers as they submit several different police cruisers to a variety of law enforcement-specific performance tests at Grattan Raceway Park in Belding, Michigan. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the vehicles’ ability to support and respond to the unique challenges police officers are routinely faced with.

Generally regarded in the law enforcement community as the highest authority on the matter, the conclusions drawn after a vehicle completes the grueling Grattan gauntlet directly influence the fleet-purchasing decisions made by police departments nationwide. Similar to what one might find on any given day at the infamous Nurburing, police vehicles testing at Grattan are run at their peak performance, allowing officers to accurately assess important details like acceleration, top speed, braking, and handling capabilities (so grateful are we for the story tip, we’ll be naming our firstborn child after RideLust reader Rock517)

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