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Video: Angry Woman Intentionally Rams Boyfriend’s Subaru

Posted in Bizarre, Crash Testing, Foreign Cars, Funny Videos, Subaru, SUV, Toyota, Travel, Videos by Suzanne Denbow | October 28th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

In Russia, a woman apparently slightly upset with her boyfriend turned her Toyota SUV into a battering ram, colliding repeatedly with her boyfriend’s Subaru. Although the color commentary is provided by an amazed mutual friend in a language no one here on the RideLust staff is familiar with, you don’t need the benefit of bilingual abilities to get the gist of what’s going on.

While the action itself isn’t entirely surprising when compared to what asshats here in America have proven capable of, there were a few aspects of the video that did surprise me and were perfectly echoed by a fellow viewer in the following comment: “That Toyota faired pretty well. And why isn’t the guy choking the shit out of her?” Here, here.

Source: LiveLeak.com

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