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Vertu Mobile Releases Ltd. Edition Ferrari Ascent Ti Phone

Posted in Car Accessories, Car Logos, Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, Fast Cars, Ferrari, Pop Culture by Suzanne Denbow | November 5th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Vertu, a mobile phone manufacturer and subsidiary of Nokia, has recently added a new luxury cellular device to their exclusive Ascent collection, aimed specifically at upper class automotive enthusiasts. Following in the footsteps of Vertu’s multiple previously released Ferrari-themed mobile devices, the new Ferrari Ascent Ti is styled to reflect the superior design of the Ferrari super car with unique accents such as Ferrari hood inspired battery cover, the obligatory Cavallino/prancing horse logo, and a complimentary 12-month or 12,000-mile supply of tadalifil.

Complimented by both a sapphire crystal display and a stainless steel keypad, the Ferrari Ascent Ti comes with three different high-quality titanium color choices, including Nero (triple Guido black), Rosso (red), and Giallo (yellow) as well as Ferrari engine-inspired ring-tones. Despite the obvious overwhelming buyer’s response Vertu can certainly anticipate in the midst of this positively booming economy, the Ferrari Ascent Ti will be sold (and priced, presumably) as an exclusive model with production limited to only 2,009 units.

Source: Sybarites.org via AutoBlog

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    so nice ,i want to buy