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Vauxhall Introduces Limited Ed. Accessories By Jonathan Kelsey

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First let us begin by saying that yes, we’re pretty sure that is a dude modeling those gloves but, interestingly enough, that was not the first thing that struck us as being horribly wrong.

Apparently an evil product of the Vauxhall Collective’s support-the-arts program, the eyesores featured above were created exclusively for GM European subsidiary, Vauxhall Motors, by renowned fashion designer Jonathan Kelsey. To bring you up to speed, Jonathan Kelsey is apparently to Britain what Manolo Blahnik is to America, and as a part of Vauxhall’s new campaign to seriously gay up the brand, he was contracted to design an exclusive set of limited edition driving accessories. Dubbed “The Great British Road Trip,” Kelsey’s collection is intended to be a high-fashion, luxurious salute to the exhilarating feel of the open road. “When I first got the brief from Vauxhall, I started to think about the idea of a road trip,” explained Kelsey, “so I decided to focus on the pleasure of the road trip, being out on the open road and the idea of driving being a stylish adventure. I wanted to create something that had a very luxurious feel to it and also celebrated the glamour of road trips in days gone by.”

Mercifully, only 25 pieces of each accessory will be produced, which means it should be relatively easy to locate them all and subsequently kill them with fire.

Source: Vauxhall

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