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Vaughn Gittin Jr. show us his shaft at Irwindale.

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MONSTER DRIFT>> Final Fight: Part 1

To a car guy, watching guys like Vaughn Gittin Jr. flog a Ford Mustang around a drift circuit is pretty similar to watching porn. It gets us all excited, and even though we’d like to think we could handle ourselves that way we know deep down that we’ve got no shot. One thing that I’ve never seen in a drift video, or any other video for that matter is the use of a camera mounted on the steering shaft. Sure it can make you a bit dizzy, but it also shows us exactly how much fancy foot work Vaughn Gittin Jr. is doing to keep those back wheels spinning. Also notice the amount of steering input needed to accomplish a drift like this, as that steering wheel doesn’t stop moving for even a nanosecond. Say what you will, but no matter how you look at it there is no denying that Mr. Gitten is a master at his craft.

Source: Streetfire.net

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