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Vaughn Gitten Jr. Breaks Drifting Record in 2010 Ford Mustang GT

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Usually regarded as too heavy and “muscular” to be ideally suited for the learned art of drifting, the 2010 Ford Mustang GT and veteran drifter Vaughn Gitten Jr. have nevertheless claimed the title for world’s longest drift. Sponsored in part by 0-60 magazine, Gitten took to the track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in a completely stock 2010 Mustang GT to test his (and the horse’s) mettle.

Much to Gitten’s irritation, the Guinness Book of World Records defines a drift as any move wherein “the slip angle of the rear tires is more than the front tires,” which, in his opinion, isn’t a drift at all. According to Gitten, thanks to Guinness’ loose interpretation, Andy Bell was able to set the drifting record at 4,137 feet by essentially performing a continuous loop of donuts. Gitten’s goal was to shatter Bell’s record and set a real drifting record, throwing the Mustang balls-to-the-wall down the straightaway. By the preliminary account, Gitten was successful in surpassing the current record by drifting an incredible 6,285 feet, but the official results are still pending Guinness approval.

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Source: YouTube via LeftLaneNews

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