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V8’s are not the only Engines Roaming Woodward: Siemen’s Brought a Hybrid Benz Prototype

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A number of concept cars and test cars came out to test their legs at the Woodward Dream Cruise this week. Included in that number is a modified Mercedes-Benz C Class Sport Coupe whose primary engine is an electric motor. Nestled in along side all those powerful V8 engines the silently propelled C-Class slips to the light and with its high torque output leaves the mighty rumbler’s standing still as the traffic light turns green.

Siemens C-Class Hybrid tester

With their hybrid powered Benz Siemens is looking to be included as part of the solution in the hybrid/electric propulsion bonanza that is garnering so much attention. The primary engine of the Siemens sample Benz is an electric motor for low speed driving and initial take-off that is then supported by a secondary, side mounted gasoline motor for added top-end horsepower.  Siemens built and delivered their C-Class prototype as a means of testing and displaying their battery cooling technology as the car is primary fueled by those highly coveted, over-heating lithium batteries.

Siemens see’s the future of the lithium battery technologies as not being cost efficient for another 3 to 4 years, but knows that the science to reach that point begins now. Until lighter and more potent batteries are discovered or improved upon Siemens and the rest of the automotive industry recognizes that electric powered cars are going to fall short. It is not that many of us do not talk about our desire for electric/hybrid vehicles, but few of us cast our dollar votes on new hybrid vehicles. Too easy and tempting is the sway that horsepower and utility has upon us. Hopefully with time and research the two forces can join together and give we the car buying public exactly what we crave.


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