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V10 Interceptor

Posted in Chrysler, Concept Cars, DIY, Fast Cars, Favorite Cars by Dustin Driver | November 20th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Back when oil gushed forth from ground like a divine gift from Mother Earth, the term “hybrid” meant a European car with an American power plant. It meant beautiful amalgamations that wore names like Bizzarrini, De Tomaso, Bitter, AC, and Jenson. Sure, Jenson is probably the ugly duckling of the bunch, but the make has a certain class and flair that’s unmistakable. The Jenson Interceptor, in particular, is a rear beast indeed; an ugly car that manages to be savagely awesome and desirable. Originally, the Interceptor rocked Chrysler 383 or 440 V8s. The FF version was the first car (not truck) to have four wheel drive. It was by all accounts a fabulous car to drive. Nowadays, however, it’s a bit outdated. That’s why UK Interceptor owner Brook Anderson is equipping his with a Viper V10.

He calls it the Viperceptor and when it’s done it’ll have well over 500 horsepower and 535 pound-feet of torque at its disposal. It’ll also have upgraded brakes and suspension to handle the upgraded power. Flared wheel arches contain wider-than-stock tires and big ol’ aluminum wheels. A render of the finished car is below.

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