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USF1 Team officially dead: Garage Sale Ensues.

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It's Over

They tried, they really did but in the end they just couldn’t get it together. The U.S. Formula 1 team is officially dead and because of this it means it is time for a fire sale. The news is somewhat disheartening but is in no way a surprise. Now that there is talk of Formula 1 coming back to the U.S. in 2012, I am sure that the guys at USF1 are not to pleased. In the hopes that they may recoup some of their lost funds the USF1 team put everything, and I mean everything up for sale. An F1 race car tub for example sold for a mere $8000 and a new $400 printer went for a whopping $700.

Who knows, maybe people just wanted some sort of F1 memorabilia, even if it did come in the form of a table or chair. Aside from the aforementioned F1 tub though there was virtually no other automotive related items, it was all office furniture. There was however one painting of Dan Gurney and Mario Andretti… I mean hey, that’s something right?

Source: adamcooperf1.com

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