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USD Mallett Corvette Z03 Turns C6, Z06 Into 700, 999-HP Monsters


The photo-editing might have left the UgurSahinDesign Mallett Corvette Z03 looking a little more GTbyCITROEN-ish than we’d usually prefer, but it’s still an undeniably awesome machine. Created in a collaborative effort between Ugur Sahin’s design house and custom production firm, Mallett Cars, the USD Mallett Corvette Z03 comes available as two optional upgrade packages designed exclusively for the Corvette C6 and Z06. The first kit, ominously dubbed the Dead Blow Hammer Conversion, equips your ‘Vette with a Mallett-modified version of Chevy’s famed LS7 V8. Outfitted with a Vortech supercharger kit and custom ported LS7 heads, 90mm performance throttle Body, Billet Monster crankshaft and Crower valve springs, the USD Mallett Z03 Dead Blow Hammer will crank out an astounding 700-horsepower.

If 700 horses is too tame for you and you don’t mind shelling out a couple extra grand, upgrading to the Mallett APS Twin Turbo Hammer Conversion will expand your herd by 299 stallions (ok, sorry, we’ll stop with the equestrian references). Although the structural modifications made to the LS7 by the Dead Blow Z03 will remain basically unchanged, engine output will be pushed to a staggering 999-horsepower, making it well worth the extra dough. Regardless of the package, however, both USD Mallet Z03’s come with a ZR1-inspired hood window that allows you to show off the fearsome beast lurking beneath.

So how much damage will Mallett’s Dead Blow and Twin Turbo Hammers do to your wallet? Exactly $32,700 and $35,795 worth (respectively) – excluding the price of the donor car, of course.

Source: UgurSahinDesign via AutoBlog

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  1. Geoff says:

    Do the Gi-normous blind spots come extra?

  2. Gabriel says:

    Where can I purchase this vehicle “mallet Corvette z03″