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U.S. Army commissions a Diesel Hybrid prototype of potential HUMVEE replacement

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US Army AMV Agressor Prototype

The U.S. Army has assigned $4.88 million dollars toward a prototype of a a diesel hybrid that could some day replace the battle tested HUMVEE. It would be powered by an electric motor that is capable of moving zero-to-forty in 4 seconds and can also run in full silent mode for a certain distance. The recharge on the prototypes battery pack would come from an onboard diesel engine that has yet to be determined.

The prototype has been built by Quantum Technologies out of Irvine, California and is being called the U.S. Army Alternative Mobility Vehicle (AMV) Aggressor. The powerplant choice behind the car is to help alleviate the expense and logistic planning required to keep the U.S. Army mobile. On a given day the U.S. Army’s 1st Armored Division is said to guzzle down 600,000 gallons of gas on its own. That means for each destination or maneuver enough fuel has to be planned and transported to support that moving force. A tactical military vehicle with diesel hybrid technology could be a huge savings in dollars budgeted for fuel as well as a savings in in planning.

Future testing and studies will determine if the diesel hybrid Aggressor is the right vehicle for the U.S. Army. What it does indicate quite clearly is that diesel fuel and hybrids are going to play a large part of the automotive future. If a heavy duty military hybrid vehicle is safe enough to serve and protect those who serve us then it will certainly be ready for the new car market and auto maker.


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  1. anon says:

    Isn’t this going to take them back to the issue of not having protection from IEDs?