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Upcoming Captain America flick has some pretty trick rides!

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The First Avenger Captain America

Ok fine I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for comic books. Over time we’ve seen some of our favorite fictional characters come to life on the big screen. Superman, Batman and even those nutty Spartans from 300 have all entertained us over the years. Now however we’ve got another hero who is set to make his big screen debut in the form of our very own Captain America, and from what can be seen in these photos there is some pretty trick rolling iron that has been cast as well. I have no idea what the above car is, but I’m diggin’ the supercharger type thingy on the front as well as the big all terrain tires. As a car guy it’s movie shots like this that get me excited about spending my 12 bucks to get into the theater.

The First Avenger Captain America

The Captain’s bike looks to be an old Harley or an Indian and is equipped with dual mounted machine guns on the front. I know the studio is trying, but if you look closely you can still make out some modern touches like the cross-drilled rear disc brake. You can also see it comes equipped with a suicide shifter which is a nice period touch. With all that crap on it though it looks to be one heavy mofo, so lets hope they put some guts in that lumpy V-twin to help keep us interested when it’s time for the Captain to run for the hills.

The First Avenger Captain America

I have to say that the bad guys bikes are pretty cool as well. Clad in gun metal gray paint with disc wheels, these bikes look very WWII-ish and should make for some fun times when the chase scenes take place. These babies also employ dual front mounted machine guns so as to enhance their traffic clearing abilities. Period pieces are pretty cool, especially if they are done correctly so lets just hope that when Captain America hits the big screen in The First Avenger: Captain America next summer, we’ll all be treated to a great WWII thrill ride.

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