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Unholy Marriage: 10 Liter Radial-Engined Goggomobil

Posted in Bizarre, car modifications, Car Tech, Classic, Compact Cars, Fast Cars, Foreign Cars, Funny Videos, Horsepower, Micro Cars, Videos by Alex Kierstein | June 26th, 2009 | 1 Response |


There is an old German expression, “Gestupidinsanebatscheissekrazyfastkontraption,” which loosely translates as a desire to strap yourself inside a tiny vehicle with a huge engine bolted right behind your head and drive it extremely fast. Today, that phrase takes on new relevance. A while back we took a look at some radial-engined cars and motorcycles, but brace yourselves for the unholy awesomeness. It’s an obscure German microcar, a Goggomobil (which weighed 996 lbs and had 20 HP stock), mated to 10,220 cc of Russian iron. The combination is good for 360 HP, 666 ft-lbs of torque (not making that up), and a one-way ticket to Hades courtesy of the first corner you encounter. Let’s just say your projekt to create a Hayabusa-powered VW Bug is kaput.

Credit goes to a German named Uwe Wulf, who you can see in the video above assembling his Frankenstein-ish monster, and then driving it. Not only did he manage to blitzkrieg the Vedeneyev M14P radial into the back despite the extremely limited lebensraum, he also hand-made the transmission from scratch. Who knew the local German Autozone-equivalent doesn’t carry a M14P-to-Goggomobil adapter plate?

[Source: Deutche-Werke]

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One Response

  1. SeanKHotay says:

    Uh, no fire wall?

    Much less a forward-flying-shrapnel wall?

    Those crazee exGDRers!