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Ultra Hot [Pink] Ride Lust

Posted in Cadillac, Car Photography, Cars, Classic, Custom, Design, Ford, Hot Rods by Suzanne Denbow | July 23rd, 2008 | 1 Response |

According to the story, this bitchin’ Barbie car began its life in 1931 as a Ford Model A. The first modification was made by its original owner for use as a farm tractor by replacing the rear half of the car with a pick-up truck bed. In the mid-50’s, the Model A received almost a total overhaul.

The Model A’s pick-up truck bed, engine, transmission, and dashboard were all replaced with parts from a 1952 Cadillac (thereby earning its new name of “Fordillac”). The headlights were free-formed from scrap metal and the taillights were created using 4-inch aluminum irrigation pipes frenched into the trunk – lenses for both were from a Mercury Comet (photos below are of completed project).

In the 1980’s, the Fordillac embarked on its final trek to becoming the beauty that it is today when it came under the collective care of a few highly skilled hot rod builders in the Midwest. Vehemently dedicated to preserving the Fordillac’s 1950’s-era character and authenticity, none of the subsequent upgrades or improvements were made using parts manufactured after 1959. According to the owner, this Fordillac has been around for 77 years, and “…with proper love and care this car will be around for another 77 years.  By then all the cars will be Electric or have Hydrogen Generators…[but] there will still be a few classic GM, Ford and Chrysler cars around, and this 1931 Fordillac.”

I am not tearing up, there is something in my eye, dammit.

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  1. shay . s says:

    i lovee this car so much , i want this to be thee car i drivee to my sweet 16 ! , thee theme is barbie’s worldd ,