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UK Survey Finds Englishmen Prefer Junk In The Trunk

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A survey conducted by England’s Department for Transport polled a series of random motorists to determine exactly how much junk they had in their trunk. Answers ran the gamut from the logical to the downright bizarre, the most notable of the latter being a 13ft trampoline, a complete stag’s skull (with antlers still intact), and unopened Christmas presents dating back two years.

The ultimate goal of the survey was to inform motorists of the potential fuel-efficiency one thorough cleaning of their vehicle’s interior could provide. Said Tim Anderson of the Energy Saving Trust “…A spring clean of your boot will make your car lighter, meaning you need less fuel, saving money and CO2 emissions.” Conservatively, Transport Minister Lord Adonis estimates that if every motorist performed a simple spring cleaning of their vehicle’s interior, the populace as a whole could achieve as much as a 5.5 million ton reduction in yearly CO2 emissions, or roughly £2 billion in costs. Explained Adonis, “Passenger cars alone make up over half of the UK’s carbon emissions from transport. As part of the Act On CO2 campaign, we are encouraging drivers to clear out their boot as the first step to smarter driving.”

Source: The Herald

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