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UK Student Drivers to be Tested on Eco-Driving Efficiency

Posted in Commuter Cars, Gas Prices, Newsworthy, Politics by Vito Rispo | September 12th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

The UK has recently added a new level of complexity to student driver testing. In addition to proper signaling, highway driving and parallel parking, the UK Driving Standards Agency will be testing how efficient of an eco-driver the student is.

According to the Agency, efficient driving means not speeding too much and avoiding sudden brakes, driving techniques that they say could save motorists a whole month’s worth of fuel each year.

Other aspects of the new testing method will include the “proper” way to shift and how to anticipate stopping down the road so you can slow down to avoid a complete stop. The motto for new drivers to absorb is: Gears are for going, brakes are for slowing. Why is it that dictitorial governments always love mottos?

No students will be failed for not knowing how to improve their fuel efficiencies, but the driving agency hopes that the new methods will help create a generation better eco-drivers.

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