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UK Officials Crushed 45,000 Cars in 2007 Due to Uninsured Drivers

Posted in General, Legal by will bee | January 10th, 2008 | 1 Response |

In their efforts to crack down on uninsured motorists administrators in the UK have adopted the policy of crushing cars. Maybe illegal street racers will not feel so alone and picked on now that they have been joined in the crushing by uninsured motorists? Or maybe now they have two reasons to worry if places like California, Canada and Australia adopt this policy as well.

There were 100,000 vehicles impounded by UK police in 2007 for the lack of car insurance. Of those 100,000 45,000 were crushed. Considering the stereotypical condition and characteristics of an uninsured motorists car it can be presumed that those cars that were crushed were deemed unfit for the road. Those of us who live in states that do not have car inspections have seen cars that fit that description.
It seems that 2007 was a down year in the UK as they succeeded in their crackdown by crushing 78,000 cars in 2006. While many argue that those cars would benefit others more by being auctioned or parted out, there are arguments against that too.

First of all the cars being crushed are probably older and emit high levels of emissions. So the UK is doing their part for the environment. Secondly, if the cars are deemed not to be road worthy why go through the expense of selling it for 50 pounds to someone who will potentically just turn around and put its non-roadworthy, high polluting chassis back on the road? And third, there is a better chance the government is getting a greater return on the scrap metal than they would on the auctioning off of the cars… at least I would hope so.

If the point of their policy is to make the roads a safer place by taking away cars from uninsured motorists then it would make sense to carry that policy all the way through. Meaning if the car is unsafe it should not be returned to the road.

In the US there are a number of states that suspend the license of uninsured motorists, but they still leave them with the car. Maybe losing a license is not a big enough deterrent considering the number of accidents that involve the uninsured. With illegal immigration rising and an economy that seems to be nearing recession the number of uninsured motorists is likely to rise. Do you think states in the US should consider impounding and possibly threatening the crushing of uninsured motorists vehicles? Is the crushing of cars a sufficient deterrent?


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One Response

  1. Brad says:

    I think the need to know data here is why they are not insured. If it is due to cost then generally we can assume that the car itself was probably paid for in cash and is not anything of a newer car.

    Hell I bet some of the uninsured motorist are riced out cars anyway… gotta pay for the R.I.C.E some how!

    This should take some careful consideration of the person and their driving record, as we know, a suspended license is not a deterrent for some to stop driving, in fact, I would be willing to bet that at least half of the people with suspended licenses still drive. Think of the number of people that get caught with suspended license, are just the dumb ones that repeat offenses and don’t learn. I’m sure there are others that drive while suspended and get away with it, how often do you get pulled over?

    Insurance is a must and at least has to be paid for for a short duration, otherwise the car can’t be registered… and then that’s just a whole ‘nother topic.

    Crushing without consideration is stupid. If the cars are evaluated like it seems the UK is doing, perhaps its not a bad idea, but the scrap metal MUST be recycled.