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UK Association Of Police Chiefs Wants A Ban On All Motorcycles

Posted in Legal, Motorcycle, Newsworthy, Politics, Roads, Safety, Scandal, Sportbikes, Traffic by Vito Rispo | November 6th, 2008 | 3 Responses |

MCN has reported that the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) wants to ban motorcycles from UK roads. The ACPO’s recommendation was published in a report by the Transport Committee on Road Safety.

The ACPO memo calls for the creation of no-motorcycle zones and points to power caps. It states: “There is a need for radical thinking in respect of motorcycles, including consideration of engine capability and the creation of protection zones where all motorcycles other than those specifically permitted would be prohibited.”

Ironically, the association based its call for a ban on the false claim that production motorcycles are available with top speeds of over 200mph. In fact not a single production motorcycle has ever broken the 200mph barrier.

The association said:
“Production machines are readily available for use on our roads with top speeds in excess of 200mph. Motorcycles are seen in the UK to be, in the majority of instances, vehicles of choice rather than necessity and one might consider if our congested roads are any longer fit for purpose for these motorized toys.”

Apparently, if something is a choice, it’s fair game for being banned in the UK. Only items of necessity are free to use. The ACPO is also calling for motorcycles to be fitted with chips to allow police to identify them from a distance. It’s a scary time over there. And I thought we had it bad over here in the US.

Check out the whole Transport Committee report here

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3 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    I’m a little confused, the ACPO’s argument was “…consider if our congested roads are any longer fit for purpose for these motorized toys” So motorcycles add to congestion? How do they figure that? By the same logic we should ban small cars and force everyone to ride around in big SUVs (perhaps even buses if possible) all in the name of lowering congestion.

  2. Amanda says:

    This is posted on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

    Following the publication of evidence submitted to the Transport Select Committee on behalf of ACPO, David Griffin, Deputy Chief Constable of Humberside Police and ACPO lead on motorcycle safety said:

    “ACPO does not advocate the prohibition of motorcycle use on public roads. It is nonsense to suggest that ACPO is seeking a ban on motorcycles, given that most police forces in the UK actively deploy and consider motorcycles to be a key part of their transport infrastructure.

    “ACPO’s evidence to the Select Committee referred to consideration of restrictions on the use of off-road motorcycles in environmentally sensitive areas where noise and environmental damage have arisen as a significant concern to local communities. This evidence was given in response to a specific request for ideas for potential future consideration and has not been developed into a formal ACPO position. It is not intended to suggest restrictions on the access of law-abiding road-using motorcyclists to areas of outstanding natural beauty or national parks.

    “In evidence to the Transport Select committee on motorcycling in 2006, ACPO specifically supported the environmental and congestion benefits that power two-wheelers can bring. ACPO does not have a position on imposing specific power limits on motorcycles and supports the industry’s voluntary code on top speed restriction. Alongside a range of other road safety bodies in the UK and Europe, ACPO believes it may be appropriate in future to consider restriction on high-powered machines with extraordinarily high top speed capabilities.

    “As a body ACPO is committed to working closely with the Industry, the Standards Agency, Motorcycle Trainers’ Association and riding groups such as the BMF and MAG to collectively consider sensible measures and policies that can reduce the unacceptable misery and catastrophic loss caused by the excessively high casualty and death rates of motorcyclists in the UK, whilst at the same time preserving a legitimate form of transport for both leisure and work purposes.

    “I hope this provides clarification and removes any doubt and confusion over ACPO’s position on motorcycle safety.”

  3. paul says:

    Amanda you should look at your organizations statement before you release any new lies. The first statement never mentions off road and specifically mentions high road speed. Get your lies straight.