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U.S. Feels The Love, Gets Special Edition BMW M3

Posted in BMW, Car Buying, Corner Carvers, General, M Series, New Cars by Kurt Ernst | June 16th, 2010 | 1 Response |

2011 BMW M3

Finally, we get a car on this side of the pond that you won’t be able to buy in other markets. After recent snubs from Ford (Focus RS 500) and Subaru (Cosworth WRX STI), we Americans were starting to get a bit paranoid.

Details are scarce and photos are scarcer, but here’s what we do know: BMW is showing us the love by building a special edition M3 for the U.S. only. It’s probably going to be a coupe, but there’s a chance it may come in drop top form as well. The pictures show a dual clutch automatic transmission, but we don’t know if a “row it yourself” option will also be available. The interior looks to be two tone leather, but we don’t know if black with red inserts will be the only color combination. In short, we know we’re getting a car and not much else.

BMW promises not to string us along too badly, and promises a full press release (complete with images) on Thursday. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: BMW Announces U.S.-Only M3 Special Edition, Teases Images

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  1. e46 fanatic says:

    …should be nice, but its no CSL