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U-010 Undersea Yacht: Opulence under water.

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U-010 Undersea Yacht

So, you’re wondering what to get for the man who has everything. You keep asking yourself what on earth is there that will satisfy his need for adventure, travel and comfort. Well, as usual Ridelust.com has the answer for you and it’s a big one. What you see here is the worlds first undersea yacht. The concept of the U-010 Undersea Yacht is to take its owner, passengers and crew on a luxurious undersea adventure in pure safety and comfort. Think of this as the modern day Nautilus from Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.

U-010 Undersea Yacht

The U-010 is designed to provide its passengers with a nice smooth ride on the surface and then when the weather turns nasty, simply dive deep for a smooth under water excursion. Power simply passes from diesel to electric propulsion once the U-010 is submerged. So, whether you’re scheduling a trip to Monaco or simply cruising through New York harbor to view the Statue of Liberty, the U-010 Undersea Yacht may just be the perfect getaway vehicle.

Source: Bornrich.com

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