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Twin Pulse Jet Engined Bicycle Hits 73 MPH

Posted in Bizarre, Conversion Kits, Custom, Science, Stunts by Alex Kierstein | June 5th, 2009 | 1 Response |
<i>Note to self: wear helmet when riding jet bike.</i>

Note to self: wear helmet when riding jet bike.

From the annals of utter insanity comes this tale of Bob Maddox, the man who decided that strapping two pulse-jet engines to a Electra bicycle would be an excellent idea. Bob, we here at Ridelust salute you for making this work, but also for narrowly avoiding the Darwin Award that was a potential outcome of this experiment.

<i>For a harbinger of certain death, it sure looks pretty.</i>

For a harbinger of certain death, it sure looks pretty.

Best known as the engine that powered the V-1 “buzz bomb” that was used to bombard London, the pulse jet is a very simple engine, with usually only one moving part. Maddox’s baby is putting out around 120 lbs. of thrust, which is plenty to get this bicycle up to super-legal speeds on a backroad. Click here to watch a video on Youtube of a previous, one-engined incarnation of this bike.

[Source: Autopia]

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  1. Adam Kierstein says:

    Junkyard Wars already did it.