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Twelve Dolls: Mad Max Montage

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Twelve Dolls: Mockba

Thirty-two years ago a low budget Australian film called Mad Max hit theaters and became an instant cult classic. It was the story of Max, a post-apocalyptic law man whose job was to rid the deserted highways of fuel stealing murders and bandits. His patrol car dubbed, the Last Interceptor was a 600 hp 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe that was modified with a massive Weiand blower, custom zoomies and a wicked front end. The movies opening scene contains one of the best car chases in all of movie history and features two 1974 Ford Falcons and a hopped up 1972 Holden Monaro. Over the years this chase scene has been recreated, picked apart and duplicated in everything from TV commercials to music videos and rightly so as it truly is amazing to watch. The following video is a compilation of the Twelve Dolls song Mockba, set to the opening scene of Mad Max. It’s raw, gritty and flat out awesome…

Twelve Dolls – Mockba from Kwisatz Haderach on Vimeo.

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