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Turn9: Finally! A new web series for car guys!

Posted in Celebrity Cars, Cool Stuff, Videos by MrAngry | October 9th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

I got a call from our buddy Matt Farah over at the Smoking Tire and he informed us of a little project that he’s recently been working on. You see you all know Matt from his great automotive car reviews, but did you have any idea that he’s pining to be an actor as well? I know that we didn’t know, but quite honestly it doesn’t surprise us in the least. You see the boys great in front of the camera, has a great on screen presence and lets face it, he’s funny as hell. So when he told us that he was working on a new web series that follows an up-and-coming race car driver we just felt the need to listen. Here’s a quick blurb from TheSmokingTire.com that will help set the stage for the shows trailer as seen above.

“Turn 9 follows the rising career of Kyle Turren, a young hotshot driver and his crew and closest friends. It’s got it all, hot girls, parties, talented actors, and car porn (my responsibility). I play Kyle’s crew chief, aptly named Matt. It’s a scripted show, but set against real racing series, with real race teams and featuring real racing drivers and celebrities as well.” – Matt Farah

Have no fear as we here at Ridelust.com will be keeping you updated with new info on Turn9 as soon as we get it!

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