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TTXGP World Series 2010: Electric Motorcycle Racing at it’s Finest.

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Everyone nowadays is turning towards more fuel efficient and or electric vehicles. It makes sense for the environment, and when done correctly there is actually quite a bit of performance that can be had. Obviously in development for quite some time the biggest problem facing electric vehicles has been the power capacity that today’s batteries could actually sustain. Nowhere is research and development more prevalent than in the world of motor sports. Racetrack developed technologies pave the way for improvements in production vehicles time and time again, but what about electric vehicles?

Azhar Hussain, an entrepreneur with a history in the electronics industry founded the TTXGP in 2008 and launched the first clean emission motorcycle race on the Isle of Man TT in June 2009. His goal was to give clean technology innovators a chance to compete in competition against each other. Hussain states: “There are two ways to make technology advance very quickly and that is either competition or war”.

The above video captures a practice lap by Kenyon Kluge of K Squared on his modified Zero S electric motorcycle around the Infineon Raceway. The first race held at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif. in the American TTXGP Series this past Sunday. The 11 lap event was taken home by AMA Superbike competitor Shawn Higbee. Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin will host the next race on June 4th.

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