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Triumph TR3A: Fountain of Youth

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1960 Triumph TR3A

The beauty of classic automobiles is that they have the ability to transport us back to a time when things were less complicated. A time when there was no internet, no cell phones and no electronic nannies controlling how we drive. The cars were fickle, but had personality. Sure they were noisy, but they had soul. And, if push came to shove and they let us down, the odds of us fixing them ourselves was pretty damn good. Dick Hughes is a man who has been around automobiles his entire life and knows a thing or two about how a car is supposed to make you feel. That’s why upon his retirement, he went out and purchased a 1960 Triumph TR3A, the same car he had when he was young. Now while these old machines can’t physically take us back in time, mentally they transport us back as soon as the key enters the ignition.

Source: RalfBecker.com

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