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Triumph Tiger 800, The Official Video

Posted in Corner Carvers, Motorcycle, Triumph, Videos by Kurt Ernst | November 5th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Triumph Tiger 800, The Official Video

Here’s the full length version of the video that Triumph’s been teasing us with since announcing the dirt-centric Tiger 800 XC and the street focused Tiger 800 last spring. I think they look good, they sound good and they make decent enough power, even if Hell For Leather calls them “disappointing”. Unless Triumph makes any last minute changes, the bikes will come to market with 94 horsepower and 58 ft lb of torque. Considering that the 675cc motor that the Tiger’s 800cc mill is based on makes 124 horsepower and 53 ft lb of torque, I’d say the new motor is tuned for durability and has lots of room for aftermarket upgrades.

The Tigers will weigh in at 462 pounds wet, so I’d say that 94 horsepower is good enough for their intended mission. Their primary competition, the BMW F800, makes slightly less horsepower (9 horsepower less, to be exact), weighs about the same and carries slightly less fermented dinosaur juice. The BMW will certainly cost more, and I’d venture a guess that there are more Triumph dealers coast-to-coast than there are BMW dealers, who seem to be dropping like flies in the current economy. I’ll give you a report on the Tiger 800 as soon as I have a chance to ride one, but it’s looking like a serious early contender for my next motorcycle.

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