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Triumph Teases The New Adventure Series, Again

Posted in Engines, General, Motorcycle, Newsworthy, Off-Roading, Videos by Kurt Ernst | August 7th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

As promised, Triumph released the next teaser vid in their promotional campaign for the 2011 Triumph Adventure bikes. We still don’t know what the actual motor size (or sizes, since there will be 2 Adventure bikes) will be, but we do know that the motor is a new long stroke triple. Increase the stroke on the 675cc triple Triumph already has, and you could probably get to 800cc or so. Do the same with the 1050cc triple in Triumph’s parts bin, and you could probably get to 1200cc. Hmm, is there another motorcycle maker with 800cc and 1200cc adventure touring bikes? One that’s perhaps dominated the market since they created it 30 years ago?

One of Triumph's new Adventure series in testing.

Personally, I can’t wait to throw my leg over the new Triumphs. I’ve always been a fan of the brand, and I admire their “testicular fortitude” for targeting BMW’s über successful GS series. To succeed, I think they need to offer bikes that are capable but positioned at a price point 20% lower than BMW. They can do this by skipping gadgets like electronically adjustable suspensions and heated seats, but they’ll fail if the bikes aren’t as good off-road as they are on. My fingers are crossed, and I’ll give you updates as Triumph releases them.

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