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Trexa Open-source Electric Car Chassis

Posted in Car Tech, Electric Cars by Dustin Driver | February 3rd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Have dreams of launching a boutique auto firm? Startup Trexa may have a way for you to get into the biz. The company has created an open-source electric car platform that can be used to develop unique rides. Before you scoff, check out the specs:

The 1,250-pound chassis is made from welded and bonded aluminum, carbon steel tubing, and fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. It’s all-wheel-drive, has regenerative braking, and is good for a top speed of 100mph without modifications. It’s packed with lithium iron phosphate batteries and should get 105 miles on a shingle charge. Recharge time is four hours.

Trexa crams everything into a skateboard-like chassis that has an extremely low center of gravity. Driver controls are all electronic and can be placed anywhere you like, giving you a wide range of design choices. The developer kit comes with CAD drawings so you can model a body for the chassis and open-source software for the electronics. With a few tweaks of the code you could adjust steering and braking sensitivity, acceleration, and more.

The chassis will be available in three wheel bases (64, 80, and 96 inches) with a variety of battery options to shorten or extend range. There’s also the option of dual-motor drive and variable torque between front and rear axles. With the right combo of options, an ingenious designer could create a wicked little electric roadster.

Via: Gizmag

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