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Trenton police dept ban cowboy boots

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But don’t worry for it’s the departments own officers who have received the banning order. This comes in the wake of a strange accident involving one of the department’s cars and a Smokers Express convenience store.

It would appear that the soles of cowboy boots are not to good when combined with driving, this is because the sole is smooth and has little grip on it, as Officer Michael Herko found out, much to his embarrassment.

cowboy boots

Officer Herko was peacefully driving along the road in his 1997 Crown Victoria police car, when his foot slipped off of the brake and onto the accelerator, naturally he was not speeding at the time and managed to get the brakes on, but not before the car had gone into the entrance doors of the store.

This happened in the evening at around 18.15 pm so it was lucky that nobody was injured. The damage was limited to the ten feet by ten feet doors, which are mainly glass with aluminum frames, these where pushed back several inches and the damage caused was in the region of $3,500. The officer and the car were both undamaged.

Officer Herko is a long term serving police officer, which had been with the Fort Pierce police dept before transferring to the Trenton police dept around seven years ago. Trenton Police Chief, Bill Smith has issued the following instruction to the departments officers “Effective immediately, cowboy boots are no longer acceptable for work”.

Source [Jalopnik]

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