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TRD boosts the Toyota Aurion to a Supercharged 329-hp

Posted in Car Tech, Design, Toyota by will bee | August 20th, 2007 | 1 Response |

TRD Toyota Aurion

TRD has taken Toyota’s simple Aurion sedan and given it an attitude all its own. With a supercharged engine to begin the transformation TRD has assembled a stout sedan that is far more aggressive in appearance than most other sedans on the road. Ofcourse, you will not be seeing the TRD Aurion on the roads of North America or Europe as this is a Australian made sedan. …And they plan to keep it it seems.

TRD is a brand all its own that is an off-shoot of Toyota just like the Lexus and Scion brands. The Aurion is a Toyota sedan that has received some preferential treatment from the TRD engineers and design team that has resulted in two sedan types. The two models of the TRD Aurion are the 3500S and the 3500LS. By providing both a Sport and Luxury Sport option TRD is able to put out a Sport styled sedan that slips under the Australian Luxury car tax. But do not fret as both the S and LS models benefit from the supercharge treatment.

Powering the TRD Aurion up to 329-hp is a 3.5 liter supercharged engine with a sequential automatic transmission. Some have expressed disappointment in the sedans 0-to-62mph of 6.1 seconds, but in a front-wheel drive supercharged sedan that really is not too bad. The Aurion is not intended to be strictly a sport sedan, as it is geared and designed to achieve a mixed driving mpg of 21.5.

Beyond the power and performance of the TRD Arion 3500S and 3500LS is the impressive facia that gives the car an impossing disposition for a sedan. The recessed fog lamps and grey front scoop give the car a scowl that only hints at the supercharger hiding beneath its bonnet and match well with the 19″ graphite rims.

In the end the Australian TRD Aurion models give we American’s something else to complain about. Now there is yet another stylish sedan that we will never have the chance to test out for ourselves on our own soil. It would be nice to think that with enough positive press Toyota might give the American Camry some similar alterations, but that is probably just a lot of wishful thinking.

Head over to AutoBlogfor additional photos and press release information for the TRD Aurion.

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  1. Aurion says:

    That is an awesome picture you have. At the moment, I think not many people euthusiats are after front wheel drive performance cars unless they are hot hatches.