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Travis Pastrana’s Mt. Washington Run: Full Video With Plenty Of Camera Angles

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Travis Pastrana’s Mount Washington Run: Full Video With Plenty Of Camera Angles

We shared the first video posted by Red Bull of Travis Pastrana’s record run up Mt. Washington here. Red Bull recently put up more footage of Pastrana’s run to the summit, and it’s definitely worth watching. Note the transition from pavement to dirt at around 3:57, then watch how much Pastrana’s hands are moving the steering wheel. Would you be willing to pilot a car at these speeds on loose dirt? On a road where one error pretty much guarantees a potentially fatal crash? Because I’m going to check the “no” box by that question, myself.

Need further proof that Pastrana just isn’t right? He impacts some sharp rocks on an early apex at 5:25 in the video, but doesn’t even think about lifting when his co-driver warns him “watch for punctures”. Driving a healthy race car at these speeds is one thing; driving the same car when you may have a cut sidewall is something else entirely.

Frank Sprongl, the previous Mt. Washington hillclimb record holder, is quick to point out that Pastrana’s run was recorded on a test day, and not during an official, sanctioned event. Furthermore, Sprongl points out that he drove the course without the aid of a co-driver, which required him to commit all 76 corners to memory. Less of the Mount Washington road was paved when Sprongl set his record time in 1998, which would also have an effect on the overall time to the summit.

Autoblog feels that the best way to settle the argument once and for all is to enter Pastrana in the 2011 Climb to the Clouds, and I’m inclined to agree with them. Next year’s event marks the return to racing on the mountain for the first time in 10 years, and I’d love to see a showdown between Pastrana, Ken Block and Tanner Foust. I’d be surprised if anyone else could claim the title of “King of the Mountain”.

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