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Travis Pastrana Stacks It Like Block

Posted in Racing, Racing Coverage, Rally by Kurt Ernst | March 4th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

That's not going to buff right out...

Travis Pastrana has left the world of rally and RallyCross racing behind to drive in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Or has he? The former rally driver made a last minute decision to run last weekend’s Hundred Acre Wood rally. How ironic is it, then, that his race-ending crash on day one came on a left hand corner? It seems to me that left handers should be easy for Pastrana, since that’s all he’s been practicing for the past few months. Joking aside, props to Pastrana for putting in some overtime in the Rally America event. His decision to run it was last minute, and his post race schedule sounds as busy as Ken Block’s. If you ask me, this was about giving something back to the fan base who supported him over the years, and that’s worth a thumbs up.

Speaking of Block, it’s pretty damn funny that he texted Pastrana immediately following his crash. It’s equally funny that Pastrana called his get-off a “Ken Block style” event, since Block has a reputation for going big when he bins a car. Let’s hope that we see Pastrana drive more than just a NASCAR Nationwide car this season, and let’s hope he has a bit more success in his next event. Or at least crashes in a right-hander.

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