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Transformers Star Megan Fox Spied In Sick G-Wagen

Posted in Celebrity Cars, General, Mercedes Benz, People, Pictures, Pop Culture, Popular Cars, SUV by Suzanne Denbow | June 23rd, 2009 | 1 Response |

megan fox 090309

Breaking story from our Slow News Day Department, the Transformers franchise has apparently been very, very good to star Megan Fox. Spotted back in September behind the wheel of a hot black Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, new photos have cropped up of Fox rolling an Arctic White Mercedes-Benz G500. Idle surfing for more pics of the G-wagen revealed some rumormongers are reporting the G500 as belonging to Fox’s on-again/off-again fiance, Brian Austin Green (which is doubtful since he hasn’t had a paying gig since like ’99), but we don’t care. It’s a G-Wagen, it’s Megan Fox, who wants to split hairs?

Source: Some link from a blog we’re too embarrassed to admit we read

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One Response

  1. Mad_Science says:

    Suzy D, where ya been?

    Also: G-wagen + Ms Fox = drool.