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Transformers gives the New Camaro a leading role

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Companies have been using product placement in movies for years, but GM hit the jackpot when Michael Bay was on the look-out for cars for the upcoming Transformers movie. Many of the prominent good guy roles, known to many of us as Autobots, have been assigned to various GM vehicles. The biggest change to come from the selection of GM however is in the role of Bumblebee.

Transformers the Movie Bumblebee

In the animated TV series Bumblebee was a friendly VW Beetle. For the live-action Transformers Movie BumbleBee has been fashioned out of a late 70’s model Camaro that receives a face-lift in the movie to resemble the new Camaro concept due out in 2009. For any purists of the comic book and 80’s cartoons of the Transformers making such a change in the body of Bumblebee may be difficult to swallow. But for the characters sake and for GM’s benefit this might be the best move imaginable.

Transformers the Movie Bumblebee

With the new Chevy Camaro receiving a prominent role in the Transformers movie they are helping to guarantee the spotlight on a car that will not reach showrooms until 2009. Between toy sales, video game sales, and movie sales when it comes out on DVD GM may be assured that the hype for their new Camaro will remain high until it is unleashed onto the Auto Market. And may also acquire a new crop of Camaro loyalist whose first experience with the car will be in a Bumblebee transformable toy.


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