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Transformers Barricade is the poster car for the new Saleen S302 Extreme

Posted in Ford, Movie Cars by will bee | July 25th, 2007 | 1 Response |

Saleen Mustang S302 Extreme

Saleen adds to the emphasis that there cannot be too many variations of America’s true Pony Car. The Saleen S302 Extreme received its first exposure in the Transformers as a Decepticon called Barricade. While the movie car did not share the new 4.6 liter engine that has been bored out to a 5.0 liter supercharged scorcher, it does introduce the Saleen body that will dress up the Extreme. Since there will only be 200 of the S302’s produced it is expected that this 600-hp Extreme Mustang should move pretty quickly.

Saleen Mustang S302 Extreme
If a few of you are hoping for some robotic demonic transformation to take place from within this car it seems likely that you will find it. The robotic takes place beneath the hood, the demonic spins the rear tires and roars out those twin rear exhaust pipes and the transformation will take place on your face as your body is pinned full-tilt into the cradling confines of that Saleen sport seat. Just as every V8 version of a Pony car would, the Saleen S302 will take that grin of torque glory to the Extreme.
You can also rest easy in knowing that the new S302 meets or exceeds all federal safety and emissions regulations. But those of you reading this do not want to hear about that stuff. Just let your mind drift back upon the grin of torque glory again.

To learn more about the Saleen S302 Extreme and to read the official  release for the car head on over to AutoBlog.

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  1. Dee says:

    Mmmm Saleen S302… *Drool*