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Train To Be A Jewel Thief, Courtesy Of BMW

Posted in Bizarre, BMW, Car Buying, Videos by Kurt Ernst | August 15th, 2011 | 2 Responses |

Let’s be honest: the global economy sucks right now, and there aren’t any indications it’s getting better any time soon. I’m living proof that having an established career is no guarantee of ongoing employment, so having a fallback plan is essential in this global downturn. You could train to be a plumber or electrician, but that takes time, costs money and involves getting your hands dirty.

BMW, on the other, provides training in a somewhat-less-than-legal profession in the video below. There’s no tuition involved, although you will need to drop some serious scratch on a new suit and a proper set of wheels, like the concept BMW ConnectedDrive Vision Roadster shown here. Having business cards that read “insurance” may help you if you get caught red-handed, but I suspect you’d still be enjoying a body-cavity search courtesy of your local police department. I’d recommend you start on a less ambitious scale first, since “the most expensive jeweler in town” probably has video surveillance cameras monitoring the whole store, and I seriously doubt the proprietor would be stupid enough to fall for the old “car-alarm-in-front-of-his-shop” trick.

If you can pull off the type of heist depicted, you’re well on you way to a new career, the kind of which pays enough to drive a BMW. If you get busted, you still get three hots and a cot, free healthcare and a free education, so I see this as a win-win scenario.

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2 Responses

  1. The movies have tried to make stealing jewelry appear very glamorous; Entrapment and the Thomas Crown Affair. Bizarre for a car commercial though. Nothing glamorous about going to jail. Some lunatic might really attempt it and then sue BMW for giving them the idea.