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Trail Riding In The Italian Alps

Posted in General, Motorcycle, Roads by Kurt Ernst | March 1st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

The Liguri Border Comb Route, known locally as the LGKS, is a former military road that winds along the Italian – French border in the southwest corner of Italy. Built as a military road, it’s original purpose was to support military installations strategically located along its 39 mile length. Today, the forts are abandoned and the LGKS serves as a mecca for off road enthusiasts on two and four wheels. The trail leaves little room for error, so it is not for the novice rider or driver as the above video illustrates. More vids after the jump:

As you’d expect, the Ligurian Alps are also crossed by hiking trails. What do you do when you’ve ridden the Liguri Border Comb Route a few hundred times and are in need of a new challenge? Why, ride the hiking trails, of course!

If the first video gave you vertigo, don’t even think about watching the next two. On the other hand, if you want to admire some spectacular scenery and watch some unbelievable off-road riding skills in action, take a look at the vids below. Besides, it’s Monday – you really didn’t think you were going to be productive today, did you?

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