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Track Ready Nismo GT-R RC is ready to rumble.

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Nismo GT-R RC

By this point everyone knows that the Nissan GT-R is a full-on track animal. It packs 485 horsepower, has a top speed of 193 mph and pulls 0.94g on the skid pad. Those are impressive numbers for any super car, but for one that cost under $100k, they’re simply outstanding. Many owners track their GT-R’s in competition events all over the world, and have in the process, modified the hell out of them to pull out even more performance. Nissan recognized this and thus sent their GT-R over to their in-house tuning boys at Nismo to create a car that was capable of battling with the best super cars on the planet at any racetrack in the world.

Nismo GT-R RC

The result of Nismo’s handiwork is the car you see here, the Nismo GT-R RC, and it is nothing short of sublime. Think of the GT-R RC as Nissan’s version of Porsche’s 911 GT3R Cup Car. It’s purpose built and ready to rumble with a host of features that should help move it up a notch in terms of endurance racing.

Nismo GT-R RC

Modifications include the car being stripped of any excess weight, it’s been given a stiffer suspension, better brakes, a full roll-cage, air jacks and a massive 31.67 gallon safety fuel cell so as to minimize pit stops. The car will cost just over $250,000 U.S. when it goes on sale, however a date has yet to be released.

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