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Toyota Supra Back On Track And May Appear In October

Posted in Fast Cars, General, Hybrid, New Cars, Toyota by Nathan Redden | June 22nd, 2009 | Leave a Reply |
Toyota FT-HS Concept

Toyota FT-HS Concept

The JDM fanatics over at 7tune.com claim to have the skinny on the next generation Toyota Supra successor. Personally, I’ve been out on big-T performance since they killed my 2JZ-GTE back in 2002. However, rumor has it that the new Supra has been slowly inching along, taking a back seat to the Toyobaru 086A. This time, Paul Walker can choose to go green if he likes. Toyota will follow up on the promise made by the FT-HS Hybrid Sports car by using the 3.5L V6 from the RX450h. Power should add up to 400 hp at the rear wheels. And for those of you who don’t want no part of that there battery shit, they’ve got you covered as well. Follow the jump for more details and what I hope the Supra won’t look like.

Lucky for the old-school ricers out there, Toyota is developing a non-hybrid version as well. The design stage is just about finished and test mule development will begin shortly. Price should be between $30K and $40K when production begins in 2011, and we’ll hopefully get a preview at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show in October.

So, which of you will be the first douchebag with a coffee-can exhaust on your hybrid? The line to get your ass kicked starts here.


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