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Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme: A Minivan Even I Can Love

Posted in Automotive Event, Concept Cars, General, SEMA, Toyota, Vans by Kurt Ernst | November 3rd, 2010 | 8 Responses |
Toyota Swagger Wagon Supreme

The Swagger Wagon Supreme. Photo: Toyota

As a sports car guy and a motorcycle guy, I don’t have much use for minivans. They’re slow (over-boosted Chrysler turbo minivans excepted), they’re ill-handling and they eat a little bit of your soul every time you climb behind the wheel. Sure, they’re good at moving people and their trappings from one place to another, but they don’t go off-road, you can’t haul a bike in one and they don’t give you much towing capacity. The automotive equivalent of purgatory, minivans exist between the heaven of sports cars and the hell of boring sedans. The sole positive comment I can make about them is that they’re usually comfortable.

Toyota Swagger Wagon Supreme

Photo: Toyota

Toyota may have just changed my mind with their Swagger Wagon Supreme, built for the SEMA Show by B.A.D. Company. Starting point was a 2011 Toyota Sienna V^, stretched by some 44 inches. The steel roof was replaced by an acrylic one, to let in light and create atmosphere. A custom pneumatic suspension was added, which allows the Swagger Wagon Supreme to vary ride height from 2.5 inches to 6.5 inches, and 20” wheels were added for an element of style. The color is called “Blue Swagger Opal”, and it was sprayed over a pearlescent base. Don’t expect the multi-stage paint to be offered by Toyota any time soon.

Toyota Swagger Wagon Supreme

Photo: Toyota

Inside, the Swagger Wagon Supreme is positively pimptastic. Seats have reversible cushions, one side with color matched leather for adults and one side with color for the kids. Two swiveling captains chairs are used, one fitted with massage cushions, and a hideaway table can be used to hold the requisite gin and tonic while you roll in style. A refrigerator ensures that your mixers and limes stay nice and cold, while the Corian countertop gives you a place to slice your limes. The floor and cabinets are Brazilian cherry wood, which adds a nice touch of class to the Swagger Wagon Supreme.

Toyota Swagger Wagon Supreme

Photo: Toyota

You won’t get bored as you roll in style, since the SWS has a Windows 7 PC with a 23” touch screen monitor, an Xbox 360 system and a custom JBL audio system with 1700 watts of power. That’ll get your neighbor’s attention as you roll through the ‘hood, tunes-a-cranking.

Would I want to drive this beast? Hell no, but I wouldn’t mind rolling in it for a night on the town on someone else’s dime. How about it Toyota? I’ll give the Swagger Wagon Supreme a full road test, just give me the van, a driver, and a healthy supply of limes.

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8 Responses

  1. BigRuss says:

    im with ya kurt… that thing is pretty sweet for a mini van

  2. Kurt says:

    Just needs the retractable stripper pole…

  3. BigRuss says:

    and strobes…

  4. Allen GMC says:

    I will never have a need for a minivan; I prefer a two-seater since I don’t really have anyone to drive around at all except myself! It’s always just me in the car and that’s it. Minivans to me are totally unsexy and very depressing. I actually can’t think of anything more depressing than driving one; it’s like surrendering to a life of suburbia.

  5. eddie_b16b says:

    everytime i get behind a minivan i expect it to do something totally stupid,i wait,look, and 9 times out of 10 its proven to me every day.that thing is totally stupid standing still.

  6. Kurt says:

    eddie, a stretched minivan has it’s purpose. Ever try fitting a stripper pole and a refrigerator in the back of a Ford Fiesta?

  7. BigRuss says:

    besides the mini van is a total sleeper vehicle… like kurt said stripper poles…. put that on wheels…. minivans are over running our cities so there for makes the perfect vehicle for a strip club on the run… few reasons
    1. it blends in with traffic, stretched or not
    2. it will make the wife think “oh it must be guys night again, that steve is a good guy”
    3. with a hide-a-pole your strip club on the go will meet all OSHA requirements and pretty sure most DOT laws….

  8. Kurt says:

    BigRuss, if you run for president any time soon, you can count on my vote…