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Toyota: Scion Brand Is Here To Stay

Posted in auto industry, News, Scion, Toyota by Kurt Ernst | January 12th, 2011 | 4 Responses |

The redesigned Scion tC. Image: Toyota Motors

It’s no secret that the Scion brand has failed to live up to parent company Toyota’s expectations. Even refreshed versions of their tC and xB models failed to bring buyers into showrooms; worse yet, the customers that Scion seems to attract are at the opposite end of their “youth brand” demographic. Many critics are wondering when Toyota admit that the Scion experiment failed, and pull the plug before the division’s losses have a negative impact on the parent company.

Not so fast, says none other than Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motors. In a roundtable discussion with journalists on Monday, Toyoda was quoted by AutoWeek as saying, “There is no concern, no danger for Scion in the future.” Toyoda feels that the brand is feeling an exaggerated impact from the extended U.S. recession, as many under 30 potential buyers find themselves unemployed or underemployed. Tightened credit restrictions further limit the pool of potential Scion customers.

That said, it’s Toyoda’s position that the Scion brand must focus on fun-to-drive vehicles that feature, in his words, “exhilaration and excitement.” Maybe there is some truth to the rumor of a Scion branded FT-86 after all.

Source: Autoweek

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4 Responses

  1. BigRuss says:

    i bought a first gen Xb when i got out of boot camp as a cheap commuter car that i ended up fallin in love with. its got good handling, peppy lil motor, and space out the wazoo…. it would have been a shame for them to pull the plug on the brand

  2. Kurt Ernst says:

    BigRuss, glad to see you around – how do you like the new site?

    I hope Toyota breathes some life into Scion. It would be good the see them get a real sports car.

    • BigRuss says:

      didnt like the fact i couldnt post comments at first… but kurt its very sweet…. but the last tC model with the proper TRD equipment was a fun little car… even the new model looks better than any other FWD Coupes… soo lets see if TRD has a supercharger for the new tC…

  3. eddie_357 says:

    i think its a cool little car to bad the tuner boys havent embraced it.turbo it, lower it, do something toyota!