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Toyota Reveals Plans For New Prius Body-Styles in 2010

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Perhaps seeking to head the future competition from the Honda Insight off at the pass, Toyota has announced that they will be expanding their hybrid line-up. Specifically, Toyota plans to add more diversity to what is currently their most popular hybrid, the Toyota Prius, by expanding the Prius offering to include a 2-door coupe as well as a small pick-up truck. While details on both models are still sketchy at best, we do know that the Prius coupe is intended to serve as a response to the Honda CRZ hybrid coupe scheduled to launch in 2009.

So far, Toyota has indicated that the Prius coupe will share the current Prius’ fuel efficiency, if not the same powertrain. While the battery technology from the current gen Prius will be carried over to the coupe, there are indications that the 1.5L engine might receive a slight boost in performance output – though Toyota is quick to stress that such an upgrade would not have any adverse affect on gas mileage.

As for the 2010 Prius pick-up truck, specifics are even more scarce and the only thing we can state with any certainty is that it will be loosely based on the 2008 Toyota A-Bat concept. Also, anyone who buys a Prius will still be considered a douchenozzle.

Source: Motor Trend

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