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Toyota Prius Recall: The hits just keep on coming…

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Toyota Prius Recall

As you probably know, in the last month Toyota has been getting the ever-lovin’ shit kicked out of them due to recalls with faulty gas pedals on ten of their models. They’ve also been apologizing left and right for it… hell, I’m amazed the CEO hasn’t just said, “F*ck it…” and fallen chest first onto his Samurai sword. Unfortunately the story continues to grow as employees are beginning to come forward saying that Toyota has known about this potential problem since 2007 – not good.

Jamie Metzl, executive vice president of the Asia Society in New York, tells that the culture in Japan itself could have possibly contributed to safety problems within Toyota products by dissuading current employees from coming forward.

It is now understood that Toyota will be issuing yet another recall. This time however, not for faulty accelerator pedals but for bad ABS systems on their Prius models. It seems the 2010 Prius can suffer a failure with its ABS systems if the car is driven over pot holes or rough surfaces. This recall will affect 277,000 of the 311,000 sold… THAT’S 89% WORLDWIDE!! Aside from just this recall the NHTSA reports that the 2010 Toyota Prius has logged more than twice as many complaints than the sum of all other 2010’s combined. Man, the hits keep coming. Toyota states the fix is most likely a quick re-flash of the software, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. All we know is that this once great car company, known for its reliability, is losing luster fast…

Source: Left Lane News

Source: ABC News

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