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Toyota Outlines How to Fix your car… with Bubble Wrap.

Posted in FAIL, Pontiac, Recalls, Safety, Toyota by MrAngry | July 14th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

Toyota Recall

Ok fine, I’ll say it. I am now starting to lose faith in Toyota, a company who I thought could do no wrong. We all know that they’ve been stumbling this past year due to issues with unintended acceleration, faulty floor mats and accelerator pedal issues, but in the end I just figured they were in a slump. I mean this is “TOYOTA”, not Yugo or Tata. These guys have been around forever providing us with bulletproof transportation that doesn’t quit. According to Jalopnik though, Toyota’s recent fix for sticky gas pedals is making me, and every other Toyota owner out there throw up a red flag. In what sounds like a MacGyver recipe, Toyota is instructing dealerships to literally use a hacksaw, bubble-wrap and masking tape to fix pedal entrapment issues on select 2009 and 2010 models.

Toyota Recall

Think about this for a moment because truth be told it’s pretty freaking scary. As opposed to really addressing the problem and fixing it properly, Toyota has seen fit to entrust some underpaid automotive technician to literally take a hacksaw and cut the accelerator pedal, then bubble wrap it so as to not harm a needed sensor, then cut a section out of your cars floor and then give it back to you. Does this not bother anyone else?

Toyota Recall

Toyota sees this as a fix, but I see it as a cause for more problems as I can almost guarantee that some of these “fixes” will be done wrong, thus creating more problems for Toyota. Just wait and see what happens when people start getting there cars back from dealerships with pieces hacked off them and holes in the floor… I’m sure they’ll be none to happy with the results.

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3 Responses

  1. Bubblicious says:

    …this has to be a joke, …right? I mean how back asswards has this company become? and the NHTSA is ok with this !!!

  2. Taylor says:

    The biggest problem here is the speed at which information can, will be and is pushed out to the public….even if it is not meant for public consumption.

    I can remember back in the early ’90s, well before the internet made everything private public, I saw some mickey mouse fixes that would make people scream bloody murder. In one instance I saw a technician install camber cams on a Ford Explorer. When he was done he could not get the king pin to seat fully so he put about an inch worth of washers in there to take up the extra space.

    Right now Toyota is the horse that everyone wants to beat on so I can, to a point, understand the scrutiny they are under. However look around, at all industry, and you will see the same thing….the most efficient, best fix for a given problem.

    If you think Toyota has not truely looked into the problem and the possible fixes, I believe you would be sorely mistaken. Do you honestly believe that they would put a fix out that would cause more problems that what they have to deal with right now? Do you honestly think that they did not go over the engineering details to make sure the fix would not introduce more problems?

    Yes there will be, always, a human factor in anything man made and or repaired but any issues should be the liability of the dealership. If they want to put a lube goob out there performing important fixes that is their can of worms to open up.

    Of course what it comes down to in the end is sensationalism. Without that you wouldn’t get readers would you. I mean no one really wants to hear the whole story do they?

    Get real, two pictures and a couple of paragraphs do not spell out the entire fix. Provide all the information please.

  3. Taylor says:

    Before anybody has a chance to correct me, I’ll do it myself.

    The last paragraph should state three pictures.