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Toyota Officially Confirms Creation Of Prius Brand

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At a dealer convention in Las Vegas this week, Toyota officially confirmed their tentative plans announced late last year to expand the Toyota Prius into an entire model division. 2012 is pegged as the intended launch date, which seems rather lofty given that details surrounding the future Prius models are still scarce. The only minutiae Toyota willingly divulged was that the new vehicles would all share the Prius’ famed Hybrid Synergy Drive, which is more a statement of the obvious than it is a pertinent fact. Anonymous sources, however, have been much more generous and have hinted that the initial debuts will include the mysterious Subieyota Celica and the A-BAT concept pick-up, which actually seems extremely likely given the Toyota rumor mill’s surprising accuracy.

Usually this is the part where we’d make some offensive joke regarding a Prius driver’s sexual orientation, but if the whispers around the virtual water cooler are correct then it’s very possible that the Toyota’s Sports FR concept will see production wearing a Prius badge, and we wouldn’t mind that at all. Plus, we’re out of blow job jokes.

Source: AutoNews
Image Cred: AJTurner

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  1. Marc Sketchler says:

    What a lovely photograph! I suddenly want to wash and wax my car, excepting the rear driver’s side window!