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Toyota FT-86 Rumor Of The Day: Subaru Version Will Be Turbocharged

Posted in Cars, Concept Cars, Corner Carvers, General, New Cars, Sports Cars, Subaru, Toyota by Kurt Ernst | August 9th, 2010 | 1 Response |

A rending of the Subaru version. Photo: Autocar

If Autocar is correct, the Subaru version of the upcoming Toyota FT-86 will feature a turbocharged flat four motor good for 260 horsepower, a full 30% more than the normally aspirated Toyota will get. LIke the Toyota, the yet-to-be-named Subaru sport coupe will feature a front engine, rear drive layout, and AWD will not be an available option. Subaru, who already offers a range of high performance AWD models, objected to the added weight and expense of AWD in their version of the FT-86.

Both versions will use a modified version of Subaru’s Legacy platform, a Subaru flat four motor and a Subaru six speed manual gearbox. With so much content from Subaru to date, initial development (including testing at the Nürburgring) has been done primarily by Subaru. When the Toyota and Subaru versions hit the market, expect the Toyota to be more conservatively styled and priced to reflect its lower horsepower. The Subaru is expected to have more aggressive looks and will command a price premium over Toyota.

How expensive will the Subaru version be? If Autocar is correct, it will come in some 32% higher than a base model WRX in the UK. Let’s hope that’s not the case on this side of the pond, because I’m not seeing a huge market for a 260 horsepower sport coupe with a price tag of $33,000.00. That kind of money buys you a well equipped Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Track (with 306 horsepower), a base Nissan 370Z (with 332 horsepower) or even a Ford Mustang GT (with 406 horsepower). Unless the Subaru has handling on par with a Lotus Elise, it’s going to be a tough sell north of $30k.

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