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Toyota FT-86 Concept Revives A Throwback Favorite

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Look familiar, fanboys? It should, the Toyota FT-86 (pronounced hachi roku, for all you amateurs) concept pictured above is based on the famed AE86 coupe of the 80’s. Set to break at the Tokyo Motor Show in a few weeks, little is known about the FT-86 save for the 2.0L Subaru boxer engine under the hood that strongly suggests we may be looking at the infamous Subieyota. Of course, after years of waiting with no official confirmation from either camp, every vague piece of news released from either Toyota or Subaru sends us into a frenzy of speculation regarding a secret partnership, so feel free to disregard our suspicions.

At any rate, as we mentioned above little is else is known about the new Hachi Roku other than that it will be tweaked for production later this year and shipped to dealer showrooms in early 2011. Pricing and specs are expected to drop in tandem with its official debut, so check back later for the official updates.

Source: Toyota

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3 Responses

  1. Adam Kierstein says:

    Why the subaru motor? Shouldn’t this be some sport EV?

  2. James says:

    do want

  3. unparalled60 says:

    I think it looks fantastic. The rims look cool and the hatchback is too good to be true. I want to have this car..