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Toyota delays U.S. launch of Scion iQ

Posted in Import Rides, News, Promoted, Rides, Scion by MrAngry | January 24th, 2011 | 5 Responses |

2009 Scion iQ Concept
*2009 Scion iQ Concept

I first saw the Scion iQ concept a few years ago at the New York International Auto Show. It was small, yellow and looked like something that should come in a Happy Meal. The iQ is Scion’s entry into the mini-car world and is targeted at young urban buyers who like really little things. The cars were supposed to arrive on U.S. shores by March of this year, but now GreenCarReports.com is reporting that Toyota is delaying the launch because of delayed prototypes. Scion spokesman Greg Thome also noted that Scion wanted to give their newly redesigned 2012 TC more time to gain a foothold in the marketplace and not have its thunder stolen by its new little stablemate. When the iQ hits the U.S. sometime this summer it will be the first direct competitor to the Smart ForTwo. My advice, if you’re in the market for one of these little roller skates I’d hold off on that Smart Car until you can give the iQ a proper look.

Source: GreenCarReports.com

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5 Responses

  1. That is hilarious; these new miniature cars do look indeed like they belong in happy meal. They look like toys. I’m a female and I would never ever drive one of those tiny cars; I couldn’t take myself serious in one (I like serious cars). Looks very sci-fi-like with the headlights and the green color, almost like a robot.

  2. BigRuss says:

    i like my lil cars… cause they are a blast to drive… give any small Japanese car, add a few suspension pieces *strut bar and better sway bars* upgrade your brake pads, and maybe a lil intake and exhaust combo *no fart cans* and find a good ol’ back road… within a month of having my 05 xB i was out on The Dragon having a blast….
    soo if they swapped the motor out of the old xB into the iQ it would be a potent lil car instead of the planned 3 cylinder

  3. sam says:

    There are a lot of us who like micro-cars. Life is about having fun, and if you can have fun at while driving a fuel-efficient and easy-to-park car it’s even better. Too bad Toyota made a stupid move to delay launching of the IQ. We’ve been waiting too long for it and have lost our patience. The people who wants to buy the Tc will buy the Tc, and those who don’t won’t; so the delay is pointless. We’ll have to get a MINI instead.

  4. fasteddie says:

    thats the meanest looking tiny car ive seen.i CANT knock small cars anymore they are fun to drive and become part of you.i drive a crx and love every minute of it.prior to that i was a v8 muscle head and then inherited a small fast car that changed me foever.i would love to drive the IQ.

  5. new tc says:

    I love this little warrior so much! The styling is very hilarious in a very ….AWESOME WAY! My hat is off to Toyota for creating such a brilliant package. Great things absolute come in small ….BOX!